Bukë dhe Djathë, Ditë e Natë (Bread and Cheese, Day and Night) Book

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It's Albani's 6th birthday and he can't wait to eat some bukë dhe djathë (bread and cheese). Will he get to enjoy his favorite food on his special day? Read the book to find out! 

In this book, we are introduced to different Albanian foods and we highlight the importance of bread and feta cheese in an Albanian home all while celebrating Albani's birthday. The lesson being conveyed in this story is one of patience - something that as children and adults alike lack from time to time. 

A fun and easy read to enjoy with your kids. Written in Albanian with English translations. We also included an easy to follow recipe for homemade bread - a great activity to enjoy with the kiddos! Add a side of feta and take a photo of your homemade bread and share it with us on Instagram @albanabooksandtoys

This is a hardcover picture book perfect for children ages 3 and up. Makes for a great birthday gift, new baby gift or just because!